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Why I left the corporate world and hit the reset button in life!


I hit the reset button in life!  Here's my story and hopefully someone will benefit from it.

I had it all.  A job making $90,000 a year in the tech industry with lots of room to grow, a brand new quarter of a million dollar home, no debt, and an awesome city to live in (Austin, TX).   I had all that any many other material things.  However, I left it all behind in pursuit of my dream and to help family.

Would you leave all that behind?   SO....... Why would anyone do such a thing?  I had it all, right?  No, I had it all, but I was wrong. 

Let me explain why I left it all behind.  I learned in 2013 that I was putting all my sense of security in a paycheck $$ and Not into myself.  Trust me, it's an easy trap to fall into.   I was chasing making more money and not my dream of being creative as a photographer/videographer.  I had all the things you could want but all those "things" (big house, car, etc) weren't satisfying.  I realized that real happiness comes from surrounding yourself with family, good friends, and working hard in pursuit of dreams. 

So, I took the leap of faith and left the corporate world.  I was scared shitless of not knowing exactly what would happen.  I am a type A person who likes to plan every detail out but I've learned you have to be open to LOTS of failing in order to succeed.  I realized I was confident in my creative abilities and once I knew that, making the leap of faith was just the next step to reach my dream.

So, what is my dream?  Well here's the rough draft ( trust me they're all rough drafts :) ) . 

To own a sustainable creative ( Photography| Videography| Design ) business that allows me to travel, be with my family & friends, and ultimately help people and create a better world.

So, what's my plan?

I am restarting where it all started.  St. Louis, MO.

Part of my dream is seeing my mother has a good home to live in as she gets older.  So, I've temporarily moved back into my mom's home and will be helping rehab her home.  The home is in need of repairs and I am going to do what I can to make sure she has a good place to live.  If anyone wants to help please reach out :).  Momma will cook for you!

I'll be here for 3 months then I am moving on.  Preferably into home or apartment with a studio space.  This allows me to help my mother our while I get the business running here in St. Louis.

The next phase is relaunching the photography business here in St. Louis with a focus on head shots and aerial drone real estate videos.  Check out one of my latest drone videos here:

Creativity, education, travel, and helping people is what makes me happy and fulfilled.  I am ready to pursue those dreams!  Here's to a great 2014 and lots of hard work!  Wish me luck!

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The Yoga Forest Experience

Here's a little from my experience working in Guatemala photographing The Yoga Forest

I knew little about Permaculture or the people I would meet when going on this assignment to San Marcos, Guatemala on Lake Aitlan.  However, I left knowing a lot more and meeting some really great people from all over the world.  From Europe to Australia.  They all had the same basic goal in mind.  "How can I learn to live a more sustainable life while helping others?"  In my opinion, I think everyone left achieving that goal.  Perhaps even more..

Our daily schedule went something like this... 

  • Wake up to a beautiful sunrise over lake Aitlan,(84,000 year old Volcano basin with the deepest lake in Central America 1,120ft) 
  • Morning yoga taught by owner Hayley Tennyson or Mark Bennett
  • Breakfast at 8:15 prepared by executive chef's Hayley, Patrona, and Isabella
  • Class started at 9 and went until 12:15
  • Lunch served at 12:30
  • Restorative yoga at 1:30
  • Class resumed at 2 until  5:15 pm. 
  • Dinner was served promptly each night at 5:30. Then most evenings followed by a movie or slideshow focusing on permaculture.  I did sneak in some Ron Burgundy one night though :)  

This happened everyday for two weeks in order to meet our 72 hour design course certificate guidelines.  We did sneak out a few times for field trips to see how other similar Permaculture farms have designed their land.  On top of all this I was photographing almost the entire time and even in my sleep( literally ) to capture a night fall and sunrise time lapse.  Check out the video here .

If you're wondering what Permaculture is, like I was, here's the short and sweet of it.  It takes what modern science knows about plants and animals, combines it with the knowledge we know about nature.   From that you design sustainable land that helps take care of itself and the people on it.  You can for example even take harsh conditions like a desert and turn it into a food forest.  It's pretty amazing stuff and all natural.  Here's the wiki link for further reading.  It's really fascinating and perhaps may just be the way I live in the future. 

I am really grateful for the experience.  Many thanks to Hayley and Mark and everyone I met there...OH big thanks to Jeremy and Cat to for being such awesome teachers.  I could write a lot more but I figured you'd rather see pictures than read my drivel :)  Enjoy!

Back from Guatemala....

I am back from Guatemala with a lot of pictures to edit and a great story to share but I still need to finish editing everything first.   For the moment though I want to share a time lapse I captured of Lake Atitlan with a storm that brewed behind one of the Volcano's mountainous edges.  Enjoy!


25th Annual Veggie Chili Cookoff

This past Sunday I helped out the 25th annual veggie chili cook off here in Austin, TX.   Check out for more details.  I was able to donate my time to help out with some photography and videography.  The chili turned out great and congrats to the winners and all that came out.  Enjoy the images.